Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Vintage Girl.

Recently, vintage and girly have made a combined style, which is rather wonderful! It tends to go for a vintage shape, insome floral pattern, or pastelledcolour. I really like this look, it's very elegant, and quite lenient, so you can get away with it in most cases, as you can wear it 'dressy' or 'casual', dependant on the occasion, which is always good!

So, here are my Top 3 Vintage Girl outfits-

Outfit 1-
A brown lace Yoke Blouse, which costs £32 from Topshop, worn underneath a Peacock Print Kimono, £45, also from Topshop. I think this top is best fittedto a black Tube Skirt, costing £8 in New Look, and worn with Antique Lace tights, in grey, which are £8 in Accessorize. Shoes, I would go for Satire, by Rocket Dog, which cost £49.99. Of course, no outfit can go without accessories, so I would go for a Mary Jane Pearl necklace, £22.00 in Accessorize, and also a Grey Slouch shoulder bag, from Miss Selfridge, which costs £30.

Brown Lace Yoke Blouse, £32, Peacock Print Kimono, £45. Both Topshop.

Antique Lace tights, in grey, £8, Accessorize. Black Tube Skirt, £8, New Look.
Grey Shoulder Bag, £30, Miss Selfridge. Mary Jane Pearls, £22, Accessorize.

Satire Ankle Boots, £49.99, Rocket Dog.

Outfit 2-
A 'Jenna' 3/4 sleeved lace dress from boohoo.com, in cream, £18, topped with an Uma embellished blouse, in cream, from Elle17; £32. For shoes, how about Obel, byRed or Dead, £64.99? Style this outfit with a pearly bead charm bracelet, £6.00, New Look, and a Luella Boudoir bag, £37.00 from Accessorize.
Jenna Lace Dress, £18, boohoo.com. Uma Embellished Blouse, £32, Elle17.

Luella Boudouir Bag, £37, Accessorize. Pearl Charm, £6, New Look.

Obel Shoes, £64.99, Red or Dead.

Outfit 3-
A wonderful pink cardigan, £29.99 @ River Island, worn open to show a Victoriana trimmed cream vest, £14.99, New Look, and also from New Look, a cream gathered lace skirt, £22. Wear with Sandle Toe Tights, £5.00, Accessorize, and Corsage Ballerina Pumps, in Nude, £28, Next. For a bit of added 'wow', how about a Ballerina Alice Band, £10, Accessorize, and a floral zip purse, £15, Marks and Spencer.
Victoriana vest, £14.99, New Look. Embellished Cardigan, £29.99, River Island.

Lace Skirt, £22, New Look. Sandle Toe Tights colour, £5, Accessorize.

Corsage Ballerina Alice Band, £10, Accessorize. Floral Purse, £15, Marks and Spencer.

Corsage Ballerina Pumps, in Nude, £28, Next.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy being a Vintage Girl! xx

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