Monday, 9 August 2010

amie natural skincare

Amie Skincare, a fabulous natural range specially formulated for teenage skin. It doesn't use any parabens, mineral-oils, or petrochemicals, and uses rich botanical products, organic where possible.
I absolutely love this range, and found it extremely effective from just the first use. Each product has a brilliant texture, and also a sweet yet unique scent to it. I would highly recommend 'Amie' to anyone! I especially like the name 'Amie', meaning 'friend' in French.
Amie Skincare has been highly spoken of by many healthcare specialists, and has also been presented 1st Place in the 'Pure Beauty Awards' of 2008, 'Sugar Beauty Stars' of 2010, and was a finalist in 'Beauty Insiders Choice' 0f 2009, so we can see thatAmie is definitely up to recent skincare standards.
There are 6 wonderful products to choose from, and I couldn't say I have a favourite, they're all amazing!
Makeup remover, entitled Bright Eyes, is wonderful, and removes makeup with one wipe, and this particular product has a lovely fresh scent of chamomile, meadow cornflower, grape water and cucumber, leaving you with bright eyes, as the name suggests. This is very gentle, and leaves your skin soft, but not at all greasy. I love this eye makeup remover, and is absolutely essential with its effortless yet extremely effective cleansing methods. At £4.75 per 125ml, I think this is a fab price for such shockingly good results.
Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash is a delightful product, strong enough to cleanse your skin properly, yet gentle enough for an enjoyable daily use. This cleanser is in a creamy lotion form, and contains almond oil to moisturize your skin as it cleans, and is scented with harmonising flavours, including various blossoms, raspberries and elderflower. Morning Clear will leave your skin feeling soft and clean, and unlike many cleansers, it won't dry your skin out. I like this product because it showed great results from the very first use, whereas many cleansers will take up to a week to have any effects at all. It costs £4.95 for 150ml, so once again, a very reasonable price.
Petal Perfect, 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. I must say I really love the colour of this product. I know, it's not the most practical reason for this blog, but with such beautiful colours, people will be inclined to buy these lovely skin products, and get flawless skin! Anyhow, I think that this product has a great rinse-off quality, so it can be used when you are pretty short on time. It has a catching scent of pure apple, witch hazel, raspberry and a dash of French rose water. I think this products best ability is that it wakes your skin into being smooth, and manages to keep blackheads and spots away. It's great, not only does it cleanse your skin, detoxifying you, to keep skin moist without being oily, but at the same time, it tones your skin, and saves you from being patchy or in need of a strong foundation. £4.75 for 200ml, the best bargain yet!

Morning Dew Matte-Finish Mousturiser is brilliant for fighting off dry skin, and with its anti-oxidant properties, it can also protect you against sun damage and pollution (though you still need to wear suncream!). This mousturiser is very rich in its organic rosehip and bilberry scents, with lemon and orange extracts to act as antiseptic clarifying lotions. I love how this mousturiser is light, with a wonderful velvety texture, so that you're left with 100% non-oily, non-dry skin. It will perfectly hydrate your skin, whilst blocking 'shine', which leaves you with a clear and smooth base to apply your makeup. This mousturiser can be used daily, because it's so light, but works so effectively that you'd never guess it only costs £4.95, per 75ml tube.

The Amie Range also have a beautiful exfoliator, New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish. It gently lifts dead skin cells from your face, leaving you with a much clearer complexion. It has a lasting effect, and so you only need to use it once or twice a week, but your skin will constantly look just as fresh! It uses activating bamboo and jojoba as the main exfoliators, and they help to maintain a healthy blood flow as well as lifting dirt from your skin. The main scents in this exfoliator are cocoa butter and mango, and these are used to make the smooth cream that the jojoba and bamboo beads are immersed into. This product will revive your skin, and leave you not only looking, but smelling and feeling clean as well. Have your skin exfoliated for £4.95 per 75ml.

The perfect face mask, Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. This face mask is so amazing because its botanic ingredients have fabulous cleansing properties. Also, you will be left smelling of purely organic peppermint, French white clay and fresh lime butter. The peppermint will help freshen up your skin, and keep you feeling awake; it will cool you, and leave you looking unbelievably healthy. The French White Clay is very absorbent, and carefully absorbs unwanted toxins from your skin, whilst mousturising, improving your circulation, and making sure you have enough natural oils in your skin. Lastly, the fresh lime butter will also wake up your skin, whilst making sure you smell fabulous. It will tone your skin, and shrink pores, so as not as much dirt can get in. This costs £4.95 for 75ml.

The above products can be purchased from:
John Lewis
Victoria Health

Enjoy, and thanks for reading xx

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