Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2011 Fashion: 70's Glam!

As 2010 is about to end, I have decided to do a bit of research into suspected trends for 2011. I have found several potential styles, and so I will create a post on each one...

70's Glam!
To achieve the vintage vibe that is the 1970's, you will need confidence to pull of the look before even looking at what to wear! The '70's brought a style of voluminous figures, meaning flared trousers, billowing sleeves, backcombed hair, etc.
The outfit (most likely not to be worn together,but an idea of styles):

Flared trousers, £24.99, New Look.

Shirt, £32.00, Topshop.

Brogues, £59.99, Hush Puppies @ Schuh

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Get the look: Alexa Chung!

Alexa Chung is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and fashionable current style icons, so I have decided to write about how we can all get her look!
Hair and make up.
Alexa recently told magazines that she believes she has been blessed with good skin, and wears very little makeup. She thinks the key is to drink water. However, the little makeup Alexa does wear to affect her skin is usually from the Decleor Paris range. To get the Alexa look, you need to make your skin radiant, so moisturize regularly, and use a foundation slightly darker than your natural skin tone, and apply to your face, and possibly neck and ears, to avoid foundation lines! Alexa has statement eyebrows, so shape and define your eyebrows sharply. You can buy tools for shaping and pencilling eyebrows, as a two-in-one. Despite being so skinny, Alexa has a healthy tint to her cheeks, so try a peach blush, and perhaps a very small amount of pale bronzer. Finally, for lips, go for a nude or pastel pink lipstick rather than gloss, so as that shiny, artificial look doesn't occur. That's not Alexa. 
Alexa's hair may look pretty plain at a first glance, but it is actually beautiful, and extremely detailed! Firstly, to get the Alexa hair, you need to have your hair cut, into a layered look, that finishes just below your chin. Now this bit is pretty confusing, but you need to dye your whole hair dark brown, and then buy three different highlighter kits, one in light latte brown, on in caramel blonde, and one in golden blonde. Apply the latte brown only to the top layer of your hair. Next, apply the caramel all over the bottom layer, and lightly streak it into the top layer. Finally, take your golden highlighter, and apply extremely lightly over the top layer, and then take small sections of the bottom layer, and coat them in golden highlighter, for the 'frosted tip' effect. To get the Alexa hairstyle, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo, and condition well. While your hair is still wet, work in some almond or coconut oil, and comb your hair. Then, using a diffuser, start to dry your hair on a cool but strong setting. Stop when your hair is half dry, and use a volume mousse or seasalt spray on the roots of your hair. Give your hair a final blast on a cold dryer setting, and then tip your head upside down. Ruffle your hair, and then spray randomly and loosely.

Here is a high-street shops outfit, put together based on the photo above.

Pins and Needles Pleat Front Dress.
Urban Outfitters.

Pinstripe Blazer.
Pepe London @ Next

Chocolate Masculine Satchel

 Vintage Cameo Necklace
New Look

Herald Brogue Ankle Boots
Bronx @ Schuh

Thanks for reading, Kiki xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Top 5 Gifts!

As Christmas sneaks nearer and nearer, everyone starts going mad, buying presents! So here are my top five gifts, which will go down really well with the close friends and family, and they aren't particularly expensive, either!

So, on with the list...

Gingerbread House Tin, £13.95, Lush.
This interesting gift box is filled with luxurious and dreamy relaxing treats, and makes the perfect gift for the self-indulging friend, who loves good smells, and everything good looking!
This box contains a candy cane design bubble bar, a 'bath ballistic' shaped and patterned to a Christmas Pudding, a gingerbread bubble bar, and a spicy cinders 'bath ballistic'. Kindly of Lush, you will also find a 10% discount voucher thrown into this beautifully scented and designed gift box.

3-in-1 Me To You Pyjamas, £32.99, New Look.
These wonderfully cosy pyjamas consist of warm fleece material hoodie and trousers, and a pink ribbed vest top. This is the ideal gift for the one who loves being cosy during the 'Warm Warm Winter'.
These pyjamas appear to be on sale in New Look. during every winter season, and never at any other time. That's good, because when you go to New Look, and you see the 3-in-1 pyjamas, you can say it's Christmas! It's like the Coke Advert, seeing Advent calenders, you know the score!
Anyhow, these pyjamas make a fabulous present, and should be bought a size bigger. Just saying, they're more comfortable then!

Waldo Pancake Notebook, £5.50, Utility.
This notebook is brilliant! I actually love it! I think it would be a very effective gift for the person who loves to write, but doesn't have the confidence to go public. However, this could possibly encourage other people to publish for them; it's like, don't press the red button. This quirky green book has 100 pages inside, which are alternately lined, which means that the writer has space to be a tad creative at times, as well!

Hello! Cushion by Emma Ferguson, £12.00, Hannah Zakari
I don't know about you, but I always seem to find people who I can't decide whether to buy them a present or not, because we haven't spoken in a while...anyhow, this would make the best gift for them; it'd remind them who you are, by saying hello, and giving you a hug!

Under The Mistletoe lip gloss set, £16.50, Philosophy.
This lip gloss collection is a good gift for the beautician of your friends, as these very pretty lip glosses really beautify your lips!
The set has four flavours; Have A Cherry Christmas, Pink Frosted Cookie, Peppermint Bark and Candy Cane!

Thanks for reading, Kiki xxx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Topshop- The Kate Moss Collection!

Kate Moss, one of the most inspiring and famous models that I know has let out her own fashion range, which is now on sale at Topshop.
Kate has been gradually adding to her clothing line, and recently let out her last collection, before ending her partnership with top clothes shop, Topshop.

Kate Moss.
Kate Moss is an English model, and now also designer amongst other smaller jobs (which include singing in several published CD's, and appearing in music videos). She was born in Addiscombe, Croydon, and despite her extreme intelligence in general fame, out of the eight GCSE's she sat, she only passed one, which was in Science, and she achieved a C grade.
Kate was discovered at the young age of 14, by Storm Model Management, whilst in an airport, following her Bahamas holiday.
Kate currently lives in a £9million townhouse, with her young daughter, Lila Grace.

The collection.
Because the Kate Moss collection at Topshop is rather vast, I have just selected some of my favourite garments from the compilation.

At  £65.00, this embroidered blouse caught my eye, because of its controversy! Firstly, it's a blouse. That to me suggests sharp, precision, and business. However, it's made of a relatively flimsy, see-through, scarf like material, which actually suggests quite the opposite!
I think this blouse would be very well suited over a sophisticated party dress, with extremely high heels, or perhaps leggings! The difference in the outfits this blouse can make once again give a controversy, which I think is always good in clothing! Sadly, I don't really like the colour of this blouse; I think it is lacking in some interesting, bright shade.
So I rate this blouse 7/10.

You have probably gathered from reading my website by now that I am a massive fan of beautifully printed dresses! This dress is yet another to love! It costs £75.00, which considering I love dresses of this style is pretty reasonable. The colours used work very well together, and are very unique to be found on this style of chiffon dress, but that's a plus point, and I think that these shades would suit any tones of hair/skin/eyes. Secondly, I love the shaping of this dress, it's not too short, and I love the ruffly edge of the sleeves! I like how the dress is brought in at the waist, and tied with a ribbon; it gives the skirt a nice bit of volume!
I would rate this dress 9/10.

This ring is in my opinion, absolutely beautiful! I think it is completely wonderful!
It would match most outfits, because of the lovely inset imitation diamond stones, which would catch every colour in a stunning light, and the main red stone would either match, or create an interesting clash with the colours it is worn with.
Penultimatly, the design of the ring is fabulously intricate, which is what you like to see in jewellery!
Finally, I think this ring can be worn casually, or to a dressy event, which is perfect for people with rather hectic social lives!

I would rate this ring 10/10.

Thanks for reading! Love Kiki :)xxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Warm Warm Winter: Floozie by Frost French Nightwear!

Since it's getting colder, and darker earlier, I think it's time we all got some lovely cosy pyjamas, and in my opinion they should be Floozie! My favourite brand of pyjamas, Floozie has good detail, colour scheme, and is made from some type of nice material! :')

What is Floozie by Frost French?
Frost French is a clothing label, established in 1999, and run by Sadie Frost and Jemima French. They create many different designs, and trends, and 'Floozie' consists of swimwear, underwear, and nightwear. Frost French won the Elle 'Designer of the Year' in 2004.

Some of their designs...

One of my favourites overall, the ONLY pair of Floozie Slipper Boots! Or, the only ones I could find...
These boots are just so fluffy, and they are longer than the average pair of slipper boots, which means even more cosy! I love slipper boots, and the pure colour of these just makes me think of Christmas, and snow, so these boots are ideal for The Warm Warm Winter!
My favourite nightdress by Floozie, the lovely Carousel range presents itself in the form of a frilly nightie. This nightdress has two pockets, in a silky navy lace. The collar is crimped and elasticated, which gives this nightdress a pretty elegant finish, in my opinion, and the sleeves have the same edge. I love the colour scheme to this dress, it's not particularly wintery, but is completely corresponding, and just a very pretty match. It's the kind of nightdress that every time you wear it, you just have the urge to show your nightwear to anyone near you!

I would reccomend this particular nightdress to you all, as it is my absolute favourite.

This is the type of dressing gown that you want to wear all the time, or at least, I do. However that would be very unhygienic and just a tad strange. Floozie have, in my opinion, mixed together a garment of nightwear, with a fluffy marshmallow, to create this beautiful dressing gown, made of only the best quality Floozie style material. It is hooded, which for whatever reason strikes me as 'cool'. Also, the pastel pink with polka-dot design is very nice, because it's simple, yet gentle, and suggests comfort, which is perfect for a Warm Warm Winter dressing gown!

This nightdress is slightly less 'shaped' than the Carousel range one I mentioned earlier, but never the less, it's beautiful. I love the ribbon hemming on the edges, it's extremely pretty in a very girly way, which is lovely every now and again! The design is rather intricate, and it is very detailed and delightful. It shows birds, which aren't 'exactly' the first sign of winter, but who says they can't live on your Warm Warm Winter nightdress?
The two shades of pink on this nightdress go together so well, and give a very feminine look, which is good, and nice when put together in this particular way.
Another recommendation for you, the Floozie pink bird nightdress!

So, go out today and buy yourself some Warm Warm Winter Floozie by Frost French nightwear; believe me, you'll thank yourself for it!
Floozie can be purchased in the following stores-
and also on several internet shopping sites, such as Amazon and eBay.

Thanks for reading xxxx

Monday, 11 October 2010

The vintage girl + the warm warm winter!

Christmas List?

Hey! I've written my Christmas list, yay! So I'm going to share it's content with you all, hopefully you'll like what I'm asking for; I love them all!

Viva Las Vegas Slipper Boots, £16.00, Accessorize.
Don't you think these are just lovely?! I think slipper boots make an amazing Christmas present because they are just so cosy, and I think the colour scheme on this particular pair is quite wintery. I love slipper boots! I like the stars and stripes design, it's unique and very pretty!

Gypset Charm Bracelet, £8.00, Accessorize

II don't really think this bracelet is wintery at all, but I love it still! The charms are very pretty, and I especially love the bird! I like the collections of beads, and their well colour coded arrangement. I think this bracelet is unique with a very exotic look, and I really hope I get this bracelet!

Black Ditsy Mix Dress, £38.00, Miss Selfridge
Every Christmas, I get an outfit as a part of a present, and this year I am choosing this dress. I like the shape, it's very warm looking, and I like the ruffle look on the sleeves, because it is less refining. I love the mini red design imprint; it's quite a vintage but lovely look. Overall I think this dress is the ideal Christmas day dress!


Ankle Cowboy Boots, £40.00, Miss Selfridge.
To go with my Christmas dress, a lovely pair of ankle boots! I really like these because I'm pretty sure they will go with just about any outfit I can think of! They are really stylish, and yet so simple that they don't create any clashes. I love boots, and I think this pair will be another pair of my favourites!

Photo Frame, £12.50, Utility.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo frame! I love taking photos and keeping good memories, and this photo frame is a brilliant size, and I hope to fill it with photos of me and my friends on days with great memories. I know, I sound superficial, but I love my friends, and I love photos.

 So Hooked On Carmella Perfume, £29.50, Benefit @ Boots.

I love the smell of this perfume; it's really unique, lasts well, and smells very sweet and tasty! Boots says:

From Benefit, Hooked on Carmella is an

exquisitely feminine fragrance that is found

 within the floral vanilla category. So exquisite 

and enticing.

I love the sound of that, and I absolutely adore wearing perfume, so this should do well!

Thanks for reading! xxxxx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My favourite winter outfits!

Hi! I know it isn't *quite* winter yet,but you get the picture, it's freezing outside. So, who says that you have to look boring to be warm, hmm? Just because it's not shorts and tee-shirts doesn't mean it's not lovely. In fact, I prefer winter clothing, so here are my top outfits for Winter 2010! Oh by the way, in winter, my style can be seen as 'wacky' or maybe just a tad too unique...

Kiki's Top 3 Winter Outfits-

Outfit 1-
This lovely red jumper has a great wintery look to it, and seems it can be worn with plenty ofdifferent outfits. Also, everyone loves a bit of red in winter!
Jumper, £38, Topshop.

I love this cable tunic, the colouris niceand neutral, and it has a lovely fitting and shape. The dress is detailed,yet not too intense. I think it's beautiful!
Dress, £25, Next.
These boots are the perfect winters buy, trust me on this one! They are shockingly comfortable, and are very stylish with their buckle pattern. I own a pair of these boots, and I can honestly say I wear them most days!
Boots, £69.99, Rocket Dog.
This delightful charm bracelet holds tea party themed charms, which I adore! It also just makes me think 'winter!' because it's cups of tea and stuff!
Bracelet, £12, Accessorize.

Outfit 2-
This woolen dress isjust amorous! You have to love the sweet little cat, and also the fact that this cream dress is cosy and woolen, I think this is my favourite winters dress!
Dress, £25, New Look.
Firstly, sorry about the photo quality! Anyhow, these jeggings are set to make yet another comeback over the winter season, and also they are likely to keep you warm through winter due to their length, and tightness.
Jeggings, £12.50, George @ Asda.

A stunning shoe/boot combo, this leather laceup is perfect for this winters trends, and with the heel, it looks pretty elegant!
Shoe/Boots, £50, New Look.
Warming, woolen, well knitted, this black scarf will definitely last you through winter and find itself worn in a great variety of outfits! This will certainly keep you warm!
Scarf, £16, Topshop

Outfit 3-
This teadress might not come across as particularly wintery to you, but I think with its sketchy detail and cosy cream colour, it might be your best buy this season!
Dress, £37, Miss Selfridge

A nice and simple black cardigan, a winters essential. However, this particular cardi has more shape, with a bit of a stylish edge, perfect to wear with the above teadress.
Cardigan, £22.99, New Look.

Black cable tights! The cable knit is very in now, so there is no reason why these cable tights won't put you in perfect style.
Tights, £4.99, New Look

Kimchi T-Bar Ballet Pumps! I love these fashionably pretty shoes, and they will help you pull off any girly dress this winter, and they add the vintage look I love.
Shoes, £26, Urban Outfitters

We all know I love tan satchels, so why not through this cross body version in with a winters day outfit? After all, it's pretty much Christmas :P
Bag, £22, Miss Selfridge

Thanks for reading xx

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Camel Coat!

Right in style now, the coat for Autumn/Winter 2010, The Camel Coat!

This coat is very practical, and has some very sophisticated looks. I like that this coat is pretty versatile, as it is available in different materials and lengths, so that you can choose your own style, and make sure it fits best to you. Not only is it widely available in designer and high street shops, but it is also being increasingly seen on celebrities and catwalk models.

Here are a few of my favourite celebrities spotted in The Camel Coat:

Alexa Chung, found wearing a Camel Coat, and pulling it off well. Alexa has her sleeves rolled up, and her Camel Coat looks slightly worn in/creased, giving it a great casual and everyday edge.

Whether she is walking with purpose to a meeting, or a shopping trip, Stella McCartney shows the Camel Coat at it's best, with boots. She looks rather stylish in this coat, and seems to like wearing it!

When worn to what looks like some kind of awards ceremony, or possibly her film premieres, Angelina Jolie shows everybody how it's done, by wearing her longer styled Camel Coat with heels, looking wonderful.

So, as celebrities are most definitely loving the Camel Coat, we should too! Here are a few varieties on the coat:
Karen Millen's version of the Camel Coat, mid-length, high collared, and worn with belt. £225.

The more formal, shaped Camel Coat, by Planet. This Camel Coat costs £249.

Next's Camel Coat. This one is made of a thinner, less lenient material, and costs £75.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the Camel Coat! xx