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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Look: School Girl Perfect

Part 3: Customise your look

Seeing as most schools have pretty strict uniform policies, what is to stop you from customising it within the rules? You can wear small jewellery, and more interesting variations on your uniform, such as...

Step 1.
Your footwear can be so interesting to work with in school, I mean, most schools insist on your shoes being black and low heel, but this can consist of so many different shoe styles! You just need to find the ones that will be of best effect to you, for instance if you are smaller than most of your friends, you might want a small heel on your shoes, and flat shoes if you are taller than your friends. The embellishments and patterns available on shoes are a pretty much never ending array, but I love bows on shoes, they're delicate and pretty with a trendy edge.
Some great stockists for school worthy shoes are- dog&searchterm=&g=1&c2=130&c3=-1&m=-1&b=x120&j=-1&sz=-1&t=-1&maxi=12&minp=-1&maxp=-1&rv=-1&ord=-1&qrun=&h=-1&c4=0&useSess=0&flt=y&ct=-2&c=black or dead&searchterm=&g=1&c2=130,120&c3=-1&m=-1&b=xx31&j=-1&sz=-1&t=-1&maxi=12&minp=-1&maxp=-1&rv=-1&ord=-1&qrun=&h=-1&c4=0&useSess=0&flt=y&ct=-2&c=black

Also, I suppose socks and tights go under footwear, and you can buy such lovely designs, which fit under school regulations, so it's all good! My school insist on us wearing grey socks or tights, but I know that lots of schools also ask for navy or black, so I'll give some example of those, too.

The best types of tights and socks that are interesting and can be worn for school are widely available from Topshop, Accessorize, River Island and Marks and Spencer, for good prices.

Step 2.
You can get away with a relative amount of jewellery in school; I wear a charm necklace, and several bracelets every day! Your necklaces can be worn under your shirt with the charm out, and they aren't too noticeable, and for bracelets, when you walk past a teacher, just pull your sleeves down! Simple!

Look in Accessorize for your small charmed bracelets, and also, Miss Selfridge have a lovely jewellery range, called Diva, and Topshop has a beautiful array as well.

Step 3.
I know that also, lots of people like to wear hoodies under their school blazers, which doesn't always go down too well with teachers, but looks very stylish! How about going with a slightly more regulated option, that will differentiate you from the crowd, and wear a cool cardigan, instead? Once again, schools tend to ask you to wear grey, navy or black, so I will show these.

Kimchi and Blue Marl@ Urban Outfitters

SoulCal@ Republic

Star by Julien McDonald


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Look: School Girl Perfect

Part 2: Hair and Make Up
Ah, this is the part that can be a problem, due to regulations, and forces you go against to get into school, like walking in wind, rain, heat, or cold air!
Me and my best friend have this little 'trick' in that we restyle our hair and redo our makeup instead of turning up for morning registration, and this works so well for keeping your look in place all day, although we are NOT promoting skipping registration; that's bad!

Step 1.
Hairstyles are so hard to discover, when you are looking for one that will work with your hair! You may choose to straighten or curl your hair, but this is time consuming, and to be honest, fake. Embrace your natural hair! If you have time, give your hair a quick wash, and either ruffle hair dry, or leave to air dry and style while wet. Otherwise, give your hair a quick spray over with leave-in shampoo. If you have long hair, go for loose braids or plaits, because they stay in all day, but still have the loose and relaxed look. For shorter hair, you can just accessorize your hair with pretty clips and hairbands, which are so good in availability at the moment! Whatever you choose to do with your hair, give it a finish with Elnett Satin Flexible Hold Spray! It's a wonderful hairspray!

Step 2.
In most schools, nail varnish is not permitted. However, you can get away with wearing subtle shades, topped with some clear layer polish. For instance, Models Own, sell a beautiful array of colours that can be worn for school, and my favourites are Pastel Pink, Buff Pink, Peach Sherbet, and Pearly Queen.

Nail varnish should be reapplied every night before school, so that it is neat and not chipped, but is definitely dried before you have to leave for school

Step 3.
Makeup is hard to apply for school so as you can keep it subtle enough, but it can be done, using very small amounts of everything! On school days, I use a light foundation; C1 Face and Body Foundation by MAC. It's not that noticeable, providing you have properly applied moisturiser first. Eyeshadow is great in school, providing you can find a shade close to your own skin tone. I personally use Shadowbase eyeshadow primer by Front Cover, with a very small amount of Velvet Eyeshadow in Fawn Over Me: Cafe Au Lait, by Benefit. The best type of makeup to use on your lips is not a lipstick at all, but a very plain lip balm. I have two particular favourites, which are Petit Fours Glace Bon Bon by TokyoMilk, and Sweet Lemon Lip Butter by Body Shop.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Look: School Girl Perfect

Part 1: Cleanse and Scent
For this part of the School Girl Perfect look, you will have to get up as early as possible, and leave yourself heaps of time to get ready for school. I get up one hour and forty five minutes before I need to leave for school, to make sure I have plenty of time to get through these looks-and-mood boosting rituals!

Step 1. 
It goes without saying, but you should shower every morning, not only will it have you sparkling clean for school, but it alerts your brain and turns on your concentration, and also puts a glimmer in your eye, and leaves your skin smooth and clear.
Select a lovely shower gel, and scrub yourself clean. I think it's best to pick a shower gel from a set, meaning that you can then layer your scents, e.g, shower gel, moisturiser, spray and perfume. My personal favourite for layering scents has got to be using Vera Wang Princess Gift Set, which comes with an exfoliating shower gel, a glimmering body lotion, and two bottles of the perfume; 50ml, and 4ml, which is great to keep in your pocket to take into school with you, so as you can re-apply as often as you like throughout the day. This way the fragrance will last longer, and be stronger without stopping you from breathing!
As a quick tip, turn your shower onto cold before you get out, if you dare! It will sharpen you up, close your pores to avoid getting blackheads/spots, and leave a shine to your hair.
Extra- if you have absolutely heaps of time on your hands, it's good to wash your hair before school, but if not, don't worry!

Step 2.
When you get out of the shower, smooth your skin down with talcum powder, and a moisturising body lotion to match your shower gel. Use a deodorant spray all over your body, if you can, in the same scent as your body lotion and shower gel, but if this isn't available, go for scentless, so as you don't get the dreaded 'fragrance crash' dilemma! You want to get dressed as soon as you have smoothed your skin, so as you can keep your fragrance fresh.

Step 3.
I personally find it more effective to brush teeth before and after breakfast, because this way you have a longer lasting fresh breath. You should still always carry some kind of mints in your pocket with you, though! You want to get a really white smile for school, because dirty teeth is the worst look, and whiter smiles are getting more and more 'in', as whitening toothpastes are now commonly available.

Step 4.
Wash your face gently with hot water. You don't want to scrub too hard (do this at night-time), as you will agitate your skin, and be left with a very red complexion! Moisturise your face well, and exfoliate if you have time. Having a clean face is highly important for the School Girl Perfect look, as dirty faces and school don't mix!

Step 5. 
Now that you are fully clean and dressed, you can spray yourself with perfume and enjoy your free time doing whatever else you would normally do in your mornings!


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring Makeup Part 2: The Natural Girl

2. The Natural Girl

Here is a stunning photograph of Rachel Bilson, promoting the natural look. I think we can all admit that this style is quick, easy and cheap, but sometimes takes a lot of confidence to wear out! Try these steps, and feel your natural beauty shining!

First, you need a basic complexion look. Wash your face well, and moisturise well with my favourite, by Simple. It is cheap and relatively effective for such a plain look!

Seeing as we're going for the natural look, I think we should avoid
foundation or tinted moisturisers at all costs, but as a less blatent
substitute, I would use a little concealer, spread carefully across your
face, but only in the places where you really need it!

I love Erase Paste by Benefit, it's a bit more expensive than some of the others, but that's how you know it's worth it! You only need to use a tiny
bit as well, because it spreads well, and therefore lasts to make it long
enough to be worth your money. I think this concealer is an everyday

Next, I think you should use only TWO out of the following products; select depending on which of your features you are less confident about/ would like to accentuate...

Cream Shaper eyeliner by Clinique                                                    Lipgloss in Ballet Pink by Models Own

Cream eyeshadow by Urban Decay * choose either Whipped, Suburbia,
or Midnight Rodeo for a more natural
look *             

 Lash Care Mascara, by

   Natural Collection

Thanks for reading, Kiki xxxxx

Spring Beauty Part 1: Bold Lips

1. Bold Lips.                                                         
Here is a Fendi model, showing us  how the bold lips are done! 
The best way to get lips like this is to begin with a very small dot of foundation, and spreading it across your lips, before smoothing over with Carmex lip balm, just about the best one for moisturising, I think!

            Next, you need to outline your lips,      and Clarins Lip Liner Pencil is extremely  effective in this look! 

 Now, you can select your colour for the bold lip look, and I think that Barry M is the best for this, with the array of available colours. My favourite is the Touch of Magic, which is a green lipstick, that somehow comes out pink! It's a lovely pink, too, 
which last for a long time!

Finally, sweep some Love Your Lips lip gloss, by Collection 2000 over your colourful look, and this should help hold it in place and keep you looking fab all day!

Thanks for reading, love Kiki xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentines Style.

Hola! With Valentines Day being two days away, I think I'd better make a post!


  • Price: £45.00
This dress is from Topshop, and not only is it red, the colour of love, but it is a romantic seeming fit, and a flattering shape for all figures. 

womens hush puppies monroe high heels

these cost £70 and are available from hush puppies selling shops, such as Schuh.

they are pretty, and sophisticated with their heel and straps design.