Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tan satchels- the new craze?

I've recently spotted how many people have been seen to carry tan leather satchels, from ordinary people in the streets, to catwalk models. I think this trend is mainly stemmed from the Alexa Chung 'Mulberry' fad, but now bags like this are available in high street stores at a low price. Here is a selection of photographs of people with a tan satchel.

This is Alexa Chung herself, with the Mulberry bag. She shows in this portfolio that tan satchels can be worn with different types of outfits. On the first photo, she wears a beautiful neutral polka dot dress. She also wears a biker style leather jacket, and black patent ankle leather boots. Her hair is neatly scraped away from her face, and I don't think she's wearing any makeup. Then we see the fabulous Mulberry bag, on her shoulder. I admire Alexa in this photo for showing that she can look natural, i.e, no makeup, hair scraped back, and she can still look wonderful, with her Mulberry bag for company. The second photograph shows Alexa looking quite dressed up. Her makeup is still at a low amount, I really like Alexa's natural side. She wears the same black boots as in the first photo, with a short black skirt, and black spotty tee-shirt. She also wears a black blazer, with pinstripe lining, which adds to the scholar look of the Mulberry bag. Alexa does also wear a nice pendant necklace, which doesn't beg her attention. The Mulberry bag is clinging her right wrist, once again, matching her outfit. The third photo, Alexa once again wears the leather boots. This time she wears a delicate yet statement black tunic, with ornate goldish design, and the sleeves are of a floaty, net style. For the second time, the Mulberry bag is hung on her shoulder. This bag really does seem to match, no matter what it is worn with, and how it is held. Well Done Alexa!

Jessica Alba, seen looking fairly natural, in a plain white vest top, slim jeans and an earthy brown cardigan. Her bag isn't quite to the Mulberry style, but hopefully I'm getting the point across that tan satchels are stylish.

Above shows Kirsten Dunst, wrapped in in black, and concealed by her sunglasses. Her bag is of a paler shade than most of the tan satchels, but once again, it really suits her outfit, and I think she looks very preppy and unique.

Finally, Reese Witherspoon. She looks very casual, and has a coffee-brown satchel slung across her body. As shown in the background of the photo, she is eyeturning with her wonderful casual looks, and tan satchel.

These bags are absolutely brilliant, and I genuinely don't think I could fault them. They have many highlights to them, such as that they look so trendy, yet scholarly and preppy, which is a great modern styling look, so this bag fits perfectly. Also, they are the most useful bag size I think we will find in any shop. They are big enough to fit in pretty much whatever you are taking out with you, yet at the same time, they don't need lugging along, partly because of the many different ways you can wear this bag. The bag has a smart briefcase style leather handle, which is small, and solely to be handheld. However, there is also a long loose strap which could be worn on the shoulder, or slung across the body. This way, you can't really complain about the bag being awkward to hold. Inside, this bag is quite large, and spacious, but it also has many extra pockets, inside and out. There are two buckled pockets on the main front. These shaping of this bag can also be slightly modified to your preference by two buckles on either side of the bag. My particular version of this bag came free with a couple of padlocks, keys, and tags, which canbe tied or clipped onto any part of your bag, as a styled accessory, or to also help fight off against thieves. I have chosen to leave the extra parts off my bag; I like it as it is. Penultimately, the bag I have is made of a fine leather quality. Of course, this depends on the price you pay foryour bag, but I would say it's worth going for the more expensive. Not only does it currently look in better shape than the cheaper bags, but it will also hold more, and last longer. As a final highlight to me, I find the colour great. I quite like tan colours anyway, but this particular shade will fit well with most outfits, and doesn't seem to go with a seasonal preference, so you can use your bag confidently, all year round. The tan colour should have a lasting effect, and because it is quite shiny, it will have your bag eye catching for quite some time. No complaints, an all round amazing style of bag!

This bag can be found in many shops, going from Alexa Chung, at about £750, down to Primark's vague copies, at around £8.00. They can also be purchased in your general high street shops, Next, New Look, Topshop...? But I would definitely recommend going for the pricier, as these bags are perfect, and I would predict they will stay stylish for quite some time. I think I will get the use of the bag that I paid for, definitely.
Above, the true Mulberry bag, by Alexa Chung. This bag is the priciest of the tan satchels variety, but in my opinion, it's the best looking, and will last longest. It also gives you the pride of holding a lovely bag.
This is the New Look version on tan satchels. It's slightly different from the Mulberry bag, as in that it doesn't have a handle, or the same colours. It is, however, cheaper than the Mulberry bag, so depending on how much you'd like to pay for a bag, New Look might be more suited to you.

This is a tan satchel from Next. I think this one has even more detail than Alexa's, although I doubt it'll all be of the same quality. It is quite alike the Alexa bag though. It's not too expensive, and is probably a good middle range style.

Topshop. I think this bag is just as nice as the others, and has a reasonable price. The colour of this bag is more 'wooden' in my opinion, and it has a sort of creased look to it, so this bag looks more old fashioned. I still do like it though.


  1. lovely post! Jessica Alba's bag is a ChloƩ Marcie incase you wanted to know :)