Friday, 13 August 2010

Kitsch and quirky!

Ah, let's be honest, we all love those little quirky and unique items that never seem to make it to 'big trend'. I think these delightful goods deserve more attention, because they are absolutely lovely, despite being very eccentric. So, I'm using up yet another post to share my favourite effervescent products with you!

A rather retro style coin purse, the Lunacy Boutique doesn't fail to please with the 'Musak' Pink Cassette Tape Purse. It uses a zip fastening, to ensure efficiency, and also is aesthetically pleasing. The measurements are 4.5" wide, by 3" height, which I believe is a perfect size for an everyday purse. I like how this is quite decade-theme, but at the same time, it has it's fun and modern qualities. At £7.00, I think this product is all round the ideal purse.

As much as freak shows should be classed as offensive, and cruel, I can't help thinking that the ever-brilliant website of Hannah Zakari has managed to make a freak show cool, and even stylish! A vintage cinema ticket, even with torn edges, and an entry code, made from wood, and designed by Hungry Designs, this 5cm by 2.5cm brooch is absolutely wonderful, and I adore it's style, and utter individuality. £6.00, rather a bargain for it's style, in my opinion!
From Artbox, I'll recommend this beautiful, lightweight summery bag. It features a cute little cookie character, which is appealing, and also a happy and different design along the sides of the bag. The measurements are 49x29x17, which is a good size for taking all sorts along with you, and the bag is extremely light, as it is made of cotton. It also has a large, front zip-up pocket, and the main compartment of the bag is velco-fastening. I found this bag really different, and for some reason, it made me think of 1960's America, which proves this bag quirky, as 2010 Britain is rather a different style! At £21.00, you're getting a good bag for the money.

I've always loved hippy accessories, which is probably what brought my attention to these hippy-style daisy earrings, which were also at a shocking low price of £5.00, at Punky Pins. They have extremely delicate detail, how would you ever know they weren't made from real daisy flowers? The charms (25mm by 25mm) are attached to silver plated ear wires, which give them an attractive, eye catching appearance. I love these earrings, and would definitely wear them out, as they fit my kitsch description for this post pretty well!

So, hopefully now you'll be confident enough to try out some different styles of kitsch and quirky! Here are some useful links for having a go with that-
Punky Pins, unique, as always! I like the consistency of their products, and the way some of their collections are so hippy orientated.
Artbox is perfect for you if you are quite into the American or Japanese quirky styles, and also this website is often updated, and cheap.
This website is my all-time kitsch favourite, and I was stuck for choice which item to add to my blog! Enjoy!
I think this site is responsible the quirky fashion, and it has some amazing products, especially their thematic work, and their bags and purses.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. The purse reminds me of sitting in front of the TV with my tape recorder when Top of The Pops was on in the mid 80's and screaming at my brothers to shut up while I taped Wham! I had so many of these blank tapes all perfectly organised and written up. Very different now with mp3....I'm getting old Agggghhhh!

  2. Hahah, well, how about getting one of the purses for your memories? :P