Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Camel Coat!

Right in style now, the coat for Autumn/Winter 2010, The Camel Coat!

This coat is very practical, and has some very sophisticated looks. I like that this coat is pretty versatile, as it is available in different materials and lengths, so that you can choose your own style, and make sure it fits best to you. Not only is it widely available in designer and high street shops, but it is also being increasingly seen on celebrities and catwalk models.

Here are a few of my favourite celebrities spotted in The Camel Coat:

Alexa Chung, found wearing a Camel Coat, and pulling it off well. Alexa has her sleeves rolled up, and her Camel Coat looks slightly worn in/creased, giving it a great casual and everyday edge.

Whether she is walking with purpose to a meeting, or a shopping trip, Stella McCartney shows the Camel Coat at it's best, with boots. She looks rather stylish in this coat, and seems to like wearing it!

When worn to what looks like some kind of awards ceremony, or possibly her film premieres, Angelina Jolie shows everybody how it's done, by wearing her longer styled Camel Coat with heels, looking wonderful.

So, as celebrities are most definitely loving the Camel Coat, we should too! Here are a few varieties on the coat:
Karen Millen's version of the Camel Coat, mid-length, high collared, and worn with belt. £225.

The more formal, shaped Camel Coat, by Planet. This Camel Coat costs £249.

Next's Camel Coat. This one is made of a thinner, less lenient material, and costs £75.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the Camel Coat! xx

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