Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring Makeup Part 2: The Natural Girl

2. The Natural Girl

Here is a stunning photograph of Rachel Bilson, promoting the natural look. I think we can all admit that this style is quick, easy and cheap, but sometimes takes a lot of confidence to wear out! Try these steps, and feel your natural beauty shining!

First, you need a basic complexion look. Wash your face well, and moisturise well with my favourite, by Simple. It is cheap and relatively effective for such a plain look!

Seeing as we're going for the natural look, I think we should avoid
foundation or tinted moisturisers at all costs, but as a less blatent
substitute, I would use a little concealer, spread carefully across your
face, but only in the places where you really need it!

I love Erase Paste by Benefit, it's a bit more expensive than some of the others, but that's how you know it's worth it! You only need to use a tiny
bit as well, because it spreads well, and therefore lasts to make it long
enough to be worth your money. I think this concealer is an everyday

Next, I think you should use only TWO out of the following products; select depending on which of your features you are less confident about/ would like to accentuate...

Cream Shaper eyeliner by Clinique                                                    Lipgloss in Ballet Pink by Models Own

Cream eyeshadow by Urban Decay * choose either Whipped, Suburbia,
or Midnight Rodeo for a more natural
look *             

 Lash Care Mascara, by

   Natural Collection

Thanks for reading, Kiki xxxxx

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