Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring Beauty Part 1: Bold Lips

1. Bold Lips.                                                         
Here is a Fendi model, showing us  how the bold lips are done! 
The best way to get lips like this is to begin with a very small dot of foundation, and spreading it across your lips, before smoothing over with Carmex lip balm, just about the best one for moisturising, I think!

            Next, you need to outline your lips,      and Clarins Lip Liner Pencil is extremely  effective in this look! 

 Now, you can select your colour for the bold lip look, and I think that Barry M is the best for this, with the array of available colours. My favourite is the Touch of Magic, which is a green lipstick, that somehow comes out pink! It's a lovely pink, too, 
which last for a long time!

Finally, sweep some Love Your Lips lip gloss, by Collection 2000 over your colourful look, and this should help hold it in place and keep you looking fab all day!

Thanks for reading, love Kiki xxx

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