Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Look: School Girl Perfect

Part 3: Customise your look

Seeing as most schools have pretty strict uniform policies, what is to stop you from customising it within the rules? You can wear small jewellery, and more interesting variations on your uniform, such as...

Step 1.
Your footwear can be so interesting to work with in school, I mean, most schools insist on your shoes being black and low heel, but this can consist of so many different shoe styles! You just need to find the ones that will be of best effect to you, for instance if you are smaller than most of your friends, you might want a small heel on your shoes, and flat shoes if you are taller than your friends. The embellishments and patterns available on shoes are a pretty much never ending array, but I love bows on shoes, they're delicate and pretty with a trendy edge.
Some great stockists for school worthy shoes are- dog&searchterm=&g=1&c2=130&c3=-1&m=-1&b=x120&j=-1&sz=-1&t=-1&maxi=12&minp=-1&maxp=-1&rv=-1&ord=-1&qrun=&h=-1&c4=0&useSess=0&flt=y&ct=-2&c=black or dead&searchterm=&g=1&c2=130,120&c3=-1&m=-1&b=xx31&j=-1&sz=-1&t=-1&maxi=12&minp=-1&maxp=-1&rv=-1&ord=-1&qrun=&h=-1&c4=0&useSess=0&flt=y&ct=-2&c=black

Also, I suppose socks and tights go under footwear, and you can buy such lovely designs, which fit under school regulations, so it's all good! My school insist on us wearing grey socks or tights, but I know that lots of schools also ask for navy or black, so I'll give some example of those, too.

The best types of tights and socks that are interesting and can be worn for school are widely available from Topshop, Accessorize, River Island and Marks and Spencer, for good prices.

Step 2.
You can get away with a relative amount of jewellery in school; I wear a charm necklace, and several bracelets every day! Your necklaces can be worn under your shirt with the charm out, and they aren't too noticeable, and for bracelets, when you walk past a teacher, just pull your sleeves down! Simple!

Look in Accessorize for your small charmed bracelets, and also, Miss Selfridge have a lovely jewellery range, called Diva, and Topshop has a beautiful array as well.

Step 3.
I know that also, lots of people like to wear hoodies under their school blazers, which doesn't always go down too well with teachers, but looks very stylish! How about going with a slightly more regulated option, that will differentiate you from the crowd, and wear a cool cardigan, instead? Once again, schools tend to ask you to wear grey, navy or black, so I will show these.

Kimchi and Blue Marl@ Urban Outfitters

SoulCal@ Republic

Star by Julien McDonald


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