Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Look: School Girl Perfect

Part 1: Cleanse and Scent
For this part of the School Girl Perfect look, you will have to get up as early as possible, and leave yourself heaps of time to get ready for school. I get up one hour and forty five minutes before I need to leave for school, to make sure I have plenty of time to get through these looks-and-mood boosting rituals!

Step 1. 
It goes without saying, but you should shower every morning, not only will it have you sparkling clean for school, but it alerts your brain and turns on your concentration, and also puts a glimmer in your eye, and leaves your skin smooth and clear.
Select a lovely shower gel, and scrub yourself clean. I think it's best to pick a shower gel from a set, meaning that you can then layer your scents, e.g, shower gel, moisturiser, spray and perfume. My personal favourite for layering scents has got to be using Vera Wang Princess Gift Set, which comes with an exfoliating shower gel, a glimmering body lotion, and two bottles of the perfume; 50ml, and 4ml, which is great to keep in your pocket to take into school with you, so as you can re-apply as often as you like throughout the day. This way the fragrance will last longer, and be stronger without stopping you from breathing!
As a quick tip, turn your shower onto cold before you get out, if you dare! It will sharpen you up, close your pores to avoid getting blackheads/spots, and leave a shine to your hair.
Extra- if you have absolutely heaps of time on your hands, it's good to wash your hair before school, but if not, don't worry!

Step 2.
When you get out of the shower, smooth your skin down with talcum powder, and a moisturising body lotion to match your shower gel. Use a deodorant spray all over your body, if you can, in the same scent as your body lotion and shower gel, but if this isn't available, go for scentless, so as you don't get the dreaded 'fragrance crash' dilemma! You want to get dressed as soon as you have smoothed your skin, so as you can keep your fragrance fresh.

Step 3.
I personally find it more effective to brush teeth before and after breakfast, because this way you have a longer lasting fresh breath. You should still always carry some kind of mints in your pocket with you, though! You want to get a really white smile for school, because dirty teeth is the worst look, and whiter smiles are getting more and more 'in', as whitening toothpastes are now commonly available.

Step 4.
Wash your face gently with hot water. You don't want to scrub too hard (do this at night-time), as you will agitate your skin, and be left with a very red complexion! Moisturise your face well, and exfoliate if you have time. Having a clean face is highly important for the School Girl Perfect look, as dirty faces and school don't mix!

Step 5. 
Now that you are fully clean and dressed, you can spray yourself with perfume and enjoy your free time doing whatever else you would normally do in your mornings!


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