Thursday, 15 April 2010

Are we looking forward to summer?

Part 1: Dresses


This dress is called 1st Jetty, and is from Hollister, priced £40. I think the shape is a little plain, and may look nicer with a ribbon around the waist, but that is just my opinion. The colour scheme is absolutely lovely, nice and bright without causing clash or eyesore, so I think this dress is great for almost any occasion, as the intensity of its dressiness can be changed by styling with accessories.

This dress is called Pearl Street, another lovely Hollister sundress. This dress, however, costs £50. I like the colour scheme a lot, and the floral pattern. I think the shape is very nice, and I love the halter neck style for this dress, it just gives the dress a lovely beach worthy kick. It would probably look best with simply flip flops, because I would personally find it hard to accessorize to match this dress, and the risks of mismatching are high when you wear a patterned dress.

This dress is called the Pick'n'Mix dress, and with a lovely oceanic colour scheme, I think this dress is perfect for exotic holidays, or just a relaxing day. It's very calming, and cool, and the floaty shape is quite pretty. This is available from and costs only £26.95. This dress can be good for nights out with heels and shrugs, or with flipflops for the daytime look.

This printed sundress is from Next, and costs £22. I love the pattern to this dress, it is very girly, elegant, and has the English Rose look, which is absolutely beautiful, and isn't likely to clash, yet never looks too plain.

I decided to say, before I describe this dress in my opinion, it is only available in teenage sizes. It costs just £16.00 though, from New Look. I think this dress is lovely for a summery night out, it's floral pattern is great amongst the black background, and the shape is nice, but seeing as it is strapless, it is more for the dressy occasion.

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