Monday, 26 April 2010

SummerSummerSummer :)

Part 2: Skirts

A lovely vibrant skirt, named the Pirate Basque, what better to hang out at the beach in? Also, it's only £20, and is long enough to not be too revealing, yet short enough to tan! This skirt is from Topshop, and with it's pretty seaside colour and ruffled shape, this is the perfect skirt with any accessories, and for any occasion.

Hollister, again! This time, in a skirt, Wipeout Beach. At £34, this is a little pricy for a skirt, though it has a lovely colour scheme and length, and can also be worn in winter with tights, I guess. However, the downsides are the colour scheme may be hard to accessorize with due to brightness clashings, and the price.

A beautiful elegant skirt, yet named Pins and Needles? This wonderful skirt costs £28, and is from Urban Outfitters. I love the English Rose colour scheme, which also appears in the Next dress in my last post. The shape is lovely, and I like how it is brought in at the waist, so as not to appear baggy.

I fell in love with this skirt when I first saw it, in Mango, costing £32.90. It's called Ruffle in Lichen, although I believe it was available in other colours too. I think this skirt is lovely for summery night-time walks, or some form of hiking holiday! You can't normally get away with a skirt for walking, but this skirt shows it's adventurous side, and I think it would do perfectly :)
This skirt is called Coral Navaho, and has a lovely colour scheme to match a nice, unique name. It is from Miss Selfridge, and costs £28. The colours are bright, and an unusual match, but this might make it hard to find accessories that won't clash. However, the blues and oranges in this skirt do look lovely together, and this skirt is a perfect shape and length too.

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