Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tula Moon!

Have you ever heard of Tula Moon?

Well...I guess it's not well heard of, but that means nothing! Tula Moon is an low-profile jewellery company, in which all jewellery is handmade by Tula Moon :)
She specialises in nature inspired pendants, and has a particular interest in birds. She tends to use a lot of blues, and pinks, to show happiness, and may remind you of summer, a blue sky and a pink flower :)

Sadly, Tula Moon does have a website, but it is under renovation.
Feel free to have a look, and get a feel for Tula Moon jewellery, but no products are currently availibe over the website.


  1. the website is now back in business, and i have found out she is liverpool based :)

  2. I have also heard of this artist I have bought a lot of her artwork.