Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hollister :)

Hollister, an amazing shop I only recently discovered!

Although it comes across as dark and mysterious, you will find the friendliest staff in the whole of town within Hollister, with their lovely welcomes...
"Hi guys, how you doing?"
It is clear they are told to do this, but seeing as the shop is dark, it gives you a sense of belonging.

Their clothing is a little pricey, but for the quality, it's well worth your money. Hollister also make their own scents, generally musky, with a hint of sweet, although it can take some time to grow on you before you will like this smell. My favourite from their perfume range is Malaia, which is fresh, with clear watery scents, hints of deep wood, and a waft of flowers. Their other two perfumes are SoCal (described as 'ultimately sexy' and 'embodies beach lifestyle') and Hollister California, a perfume of warm vanilla, and hardwood.

Hollister also sell lovely dresses, and my favourites are 'Pier View Beach', 'Clobberstones', 'Aliso Creek' and 'Sycamore Cove'. These dresses are a little pricey, but have the potential to last, and are great with heels for a night out, or flip flops for a more casual look.

Kiki x

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