Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring Makeup!

Ok, I've posted just about everything else on the topic of spring, but what about your hair and makeup?
Well, makeup should stay natural during spring, and go darker for summer, with a pale, yet bright complex for winter. So, considering it's spring, I think we should stick with natural.

You can base your makeup with a nice, neutral foundation, such as a cheap one, from Boot's Natural Collection. Don't be afraid to test foundation on your hand in a shop, providing it is a tester, because you have to make sure the colour is just right, because you don't want to be one of those 'orange girls', but you don't want to scare everyone off with ghastly colouring!
To apply your foundation properly, you should only use a very small amount, as it will spread as it sinks into your face. Before applying, wash your face very well, or it will come on lumpy. Cover any blemishes with an airbrush concealer beforehand, and gently smooth in your foundation.

To keep your eyes natural, don't go for anything too heavy. A simple eye pencil will start you off, preferably black, don't wear anything bright. Dust your eyelids very lightly with a simply tan shadow, and use clear mascara.

Make your eyebrows perfect. This doesn't mean to pluck them all off, but use an eyebrow comb, and give them some shape, and pencil this gently. If you are worried that they won't stay, glaze them with Vaseline, but don't use too much, or you will appear all shiny, and this won't achieve 'natural'!

For your cheeks, blend in a very neutral blusher. I can't really say much on this, as the type you will want to use will depend on your toning, but try not to make it stand out too much.

For your lips, use a nice tinted lip balm, and after it sets in, apply a little clear gloss. The best tinted lip balms are Body Shop. Use their lip butter, in a flavour of your choice. My personal favourite are Shea Butter and Coconut, but it's your opinion. These are pricy, but will last, and are a great fix for chapped lips.

Now, for your hair, there are many different styles you may choose to wear, as it all depends on your hair type.

If you have thick hair, you are lucky, as 'big' hair is what most catwalk models will be paying to have done right now. However, this doesn't mean that you can just leave your hair, it will still require a bit of work. If your hair is naturally thick, but straight, you may want to try an updo. These can be tricky, or messy, but will suit your hairstyle. Try a pleat, French plait, or chignon. These all look fab on thick hair, but need a lot of hairspray. You should never use too much hairspray, so rather than using thin hairspray and using heaps, use a strong hairspray, and only spray on a thin layer. Where you can help it, don't wash the hairspray out immediately. Thick or curly hair shouldn't be washed more than twice a week, as this can lead to frizzyness.

If your hair is thick, yet curly, you can probably get away with wearing it out. Comb your hair through well, using a widetooth, or 'afro' comb. Don't use a brush on your hair, this will ruin your natural curl. After combing, rub some form of leave in conditioner (my favourite is Vitapointe) through your hands, and run your hands through your hair. Tip your head upside down, and shake your hair. Flip your hair back, and your hair should look pretty good. If you think it is a little too big, try using a few pretty clips to tie back half, and leave the other half out, and curly.

If you have wavy hair, you will suit your hair in nice simple styles. I think wavy hair suits plaits, and bunches, so try these styles, or high ponytails. Wavy hair can often be flyaway, so don't brush your hair when it isn't necessary, or if you want to brush it a lot, you will need to tie it back well. Wavy hair should be washed pretty regularly, but not with too much shampoo, as wavy hair needs to be kept shiny, but remaining with it's natural oils, so as not to block out any wave.

Straight hair is probably the simplest to handle. When your hair is wet, blow dry it as straight as you can, and try a hippy headband. These suit straight hair, providing you don't have a fringe. If you have a fringe, try your hair in a loose, but high, ponytail, leaving your fringe out, and pull out a few tendrils around the sides of your head. Straight hair can really be washed as often as you feel it needs, but try to use a weak shampoo so as to leave some natural oils behind.

ALL hairstyles need to be kept in shape. Even if you are trying to grow your hair very long, you need to keep trimming it, or you might never reach your hairs potential, because your hair will be carrying dead weight, or in it's literal terms, dead ends.

I'm sure all hair types can look lovely, just care for your hair!


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