Saturday, 27 February 2010

I forgot to mention in my last post that there are many beautiful styles of shoes and jewelry available right now, and they are all pretty stylish. Depending on your outfit, you can get away with spring coloured Converse, and other pumps, sandals, low heels, or boots. With it being spring, I wouldn't wear black boots, but tan, and brown are fine, and go very well with leggings and pastel shirts.

Some of my favourite shoes are Converse All Star Double Tongue, which look great in the green, orange and pink combination. Converse All Star Parody Print Hi are also very nice, a hi-top pair of pumps, with a pop art style design, in mainly block primary colours.

A great spring make of shoe are Irregular Choice. Their website isn't the best, but I would say their shoes are. My personal favourites in Irregular Choice are the 'Lily Pump', 'Choo Choo' shoe, 'Daisy Drops' and 'Bow-Belle' in red. They also sell some very nice boots, such as 'Parrot Talk' in black, and 'Pixie Playa'.
Irregular Choice are quite expensive, but are of very good quality, and are worth it if you feel the need to treat yourself to a pair of shoes.

If you like bright, and vibrant shoes that let you move, you should give 'Babycham' a go, as they sell many different coloured shoes, and are comfortable, at a good price.

I also love Cameo Brooch Pump Floral, Cherie Ballerina and Bernie Elastic Patent Pump, all from Schuh. Schuh is often a little expensive, but sell great quality shoes, and are often from the best makes.

Onto the jewelry side of spring, there are many different types you can go for. If you want a 'real' piece of jewelry, and are willing to spend a lot on it, try Pandora, or Links of London. These are best for bracelets, such as the Pandora's silver bracelets, which you can personalize with charms, and my favourite charms are the Murano style, as they don't cost as much as the real silver and gold ones, but the wooden ones are equally as nice. If you would prefer a Links of London bracelet, my favourite is the Sweetie. Alike Pandora, it is one you personalize with charms. These are slightly more expensive, with charms starting at £25.00. A nice base for your charm bracelet would be to start of with a charm of the first letter of your name, and your religious sign, such as a Star of David charm, or a Christian cross charm. Then, you can try some more colourful charms, like the Enamel Strawberry, or if you are willing to spend a lot, get a gold charm. It'll add colour, but will be pricy.

If you don't want to end up spending much, and you just want some everyday jewelry, Accessorize is good, and my favourite spring bracelet is the Bluebelle Mismatch. I also like Arriba Tassel, Abi Tropical, and the Candy Shop Charm bracelet.

Have a look on the websites, and have a nice time accessorizing your spring outfits :)

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