Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hola, hope you're having a nice day!

Although the weather may not agree, it's nearly real spring, blossom, and easter spring :)

So I think everyone needs to get their 'spring style' clothes back out! This year, floral patterns, greens and yellows and pastel pinks will be in, so try out a nice combination :)

Remember, the weather doesn't yet agree with the time, so you can wear your spring outfit with boots, and a nice light coat. Or, if you want to get ahead of time, and wear your skirts and dresses, Accessorize sell great floral tights and long socks, and also yellows, greens, and pastel pinks. My personal favourite tights are 'Pretty Poppy Print', Accessorize.

If you want to wear a dress or skirt, try
These three site are all easy to access, and they also sell nice floral prints, and will deliver to the UK, at reasonable prices.

My favourite dress for spring is 'Alyssa ethnic print 1/2 sleeve tunic' in pink, from, and at twelve pounds, it's a basic steal! If you prefer leggings or jeans, I would have a look at My favourite pair of jeans from that particular site for Spring 2010 are the mid-blue pair, that have the reference number: 5680/302/402, and cost £19.99.

If you are going to go and try out some of these styles, you will probably need a good perfume to go with it. The scents you might want to wear will depend on your style. If you are sporty, why not try something fresh, and cooling, like Marc Jacobs: Splash, in Pear.
It's a few years old, but I think it's a really nice scent. If you're more girly, and are following my 'floral' trend, try something flowery, like Versace: Bright Crystal. It's light, yet vibrant, flowery and fresh. With it's lotus, pomegranate and amber plant, it's a great fragrance for this spring. If you aren't overly sporty, or girly, you can try a neutral scent, like DKNY: Be Delicious. Fruity, but not too overpowering. It's available in different fragrance scents, but my favourite is the green apple.

Have a happy spring :)

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