Saturday, 6 November 2010

Topshop- The Kate Moss Collection!

Kate Moss, one of the most inspiring and famous models that I know has let out her own fashion range, which is now on sale at Topshop.
Kate has been gradually adding to her clothing line, and recently let out her last collection, before ending her partnership with top clothes shop, Topshop.

Kate Moss.
Kate Moss is an English model, and now also designer amongst other smaller jobs (which include singing in several published CD's, and appearing in music videos). She was born in Addiscombe, Croydon, and despite her extreme intelligence in general fame, out of the eight GCSE's she sat, she only passed one, which was in Science, and she achieved a C grade.
Kate was discovered at the young age of 14, by Storm Model Management, whilst in an airport, following her Bahamas holiday.
Kate currently lives in a £9million townhouse, with her young daughter, Lila Grace.

The collection.
Because the Kate Moss collection at Topshop is rather vast, I have just selected some of my favourite garments from the compilation.

At  £65.00, this embroidered blouse caught my eye, because of its controversy! Firstly, it's a blouse. That to me suggests sharp, precision, and business. However, it's made of a relatively flimsy, see-through, scarf like material, which actually suggests quite the opposite!
I think this blouse would be very well suited over a sophisticated party dress, with extremely high heels, or perhaps leggings! The difference in the outfits this blouse can make once again give a controversy, which I think is always good in clothing! Sadly, I don't really like the colour of this blouse; I think it is lacking in some interesting, bright shade.
So I rate this blouse 7/10.

You have probably gathered from reading my website by now that I am a massive fan of beautifully printed dresses! This dress is yet another to love! It costs £75.00, which considering I love dresses of this style is pretty reasonable. The colours used work very well together, and are very unique to be found on this style of chiffon dress, but that's a plus point, and I think that these shades would suit any tones of hair/skin/eyes. Secondly, I love the shaping of this dress, it's not too short, and I love the ruffly edge of the sleeves! I like how the dress is brought in at the waist, and tied with a ribbon; it gives the skirt a nice bit of volume!
I would rate this dress 9/10.

This ring is in my opinion, absolutely beautiful! I think it is completely wonderful!
It would match most outfits, because of the lovely inset imitation diamond stones, which would catch every colour in a stunning light, and the main red stone would either match, or create an interesting clash with the colours it is worn with.
Penultimatly, the design of the ring is fabulously intricate, which is what you like to see in jewellery!
Finally, I think this ring can be worn casually, or to a dressy event, which is perfect for people with rather hectic social lives!

I would rate this ring 10/10.

Thanks for reading! Love Kiki :)xxx

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