Monday, 11 October 2010

Christmas List?

Hey! I've written my Christmas list, yay! So I'm going to share it's content with you all, hopefully you'll like what I'm asking for; I love them all!

Viva Las Vegas Slipper Boots, £16.00, Accessorize.
Don't you think these are just lovely?! I think slipper boots make an amazing Christmas present because they are just so cosy, and I think the colour scheme on this particular pair is quite wintery. I love slipper boots! I like the stars and stripes design, it's unique and very pretty!

Gypset Charm Bracelet, £8.00, Accessorize

II don't really think this bracelet is wintery at all, but I love it still! The charms are very pretty, and I especially love the bird! I like the collections of beads, and their well colour coded arrangement. I think this bracelet is unique with a very exotic look, and I really hope I get this bracelet!

Black Ditsy Mix Dress, £38.00, Miss Selfridge
Every Christmas, I get an outfit as a part of a present, and this year I am choosing this dress. I like the shape, it's very warm looking, and I like the ruffle look on the sleeves, because it is less refining. I love the mini red design imprint; it's quite a vintage but lovely look. Overall I think this dress is the ideal Christmas day dress!


Ankle Cowboy Boots, £40.00, Miss Selfridge.
To go with my Christmas dress, a lovely pair of ankle boots! I really like these because I'm pretty sure they will go with just about any outfit I can think of! They are really stylish, and yet so simple that they don't create any clashes. I love boots, and I think this pair will be another pair of my favourites!

Photo Frame, £12.50, Utility.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo frame! I love taking photos and keeping good memories, and this photo frame is a brilliant size, and I hope to fill it with photos of me and my friends on days with great memories. I know, I sound superficial, but I love my friends, and I love photos.

 So Hooked On Carmella Perfume, £29.50, Benefit @ Boots.

I love the smell of this perfume; it's really unique, lasts well, and smells very sweet and tasty! Boots says:

From Benefit, Hooked on Carmella is an

exquisitely feminine fragrance that is found

 within the floral vanilla category. So exquisite 

and enticing.

I love the sound of that, and I absolutely adore wearing perfume, so this should do well!

Thanks for reading! xxxxx

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