Friday, 4 June 2010

Thomas Sabo :)

I only really discovered this jewellery yesterday, in the Mococo shop. They sell jewellery from a lovely brand, called Thomas Sabo. It's very unique, and has some beautiful charms. Also, they are mostly made from sterling silver.

My favourite is the Love and Peace pendant, but some of the others are lovely too. If you don't find a necklace or bracelet to suit you, you can buy the chain, and then purchase charms separately, to make a piece of jewellery of your choice :)

These pieces of jewellery are quite expensive, but most of them can be worn with any outfit, and for such good quality materials, you are getting your money's worth. I don't think Thomas Sabo can be purchased online from UK yet, but you can use the website to find a store near you :)

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